Dr. Darcy Lilley helps leaders reduce employee turnover, improve team communication, and create a positive work environment through leadership and team development opportunities.

Dr. Lilley is a life-long learner. She has a passion for learning and growth, both for herself and in helping others.

From serving her country for 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, to being the Chief Learning Officer for an organization of over 100,000 people, to being the Director of Operations for a national non-profit organization teaching leadership and communication skills, Dr. Lilley stays on the leading edge using education technology from every angle.

Her curiosity and adventurous nature combined with her passion for positive leadership and engaging learners shines through in the learning experiences she creates. She knows how to effectively incorporate technology into instructional system design and the importance of keeping ethics at the forefront as technology advances.

Dr. Lilley incorporates key lessons in desktop publishing and graphic design as well as videoconferencing as she highlights her generational learning expertise.

She combines her doctorate in instructional leadership, masters degree in human resource development, and masters degree in education technology with her extensive training and facilitation expertise to create engaging training workshops.