What People Say

Thanks to Darcy and the DISC workshop she provided, our team has a whole new appreciation for our individual and collective strengths. It has enhanced our communication and leadership in ways we didn’t anticipate. I highly recommend any group working with Darcy and using all that the DISC training has to offer.
Murphy Business
Learning my DISC profile has been eye opening. Darcy takes her time in the training to explain each profile’s strengths and weaknesses. The most beneficial part of the training is learning how to identify someone else’s profile and how to work with the different styles.is
Hendrickson Business Advisors
The individual personality profile given along with the team strengthening exercises is absolutely fantastic! Knowing my DISC personality along with my co-workers DISC personality has really strengthened our team. We are able to operate more efficiently within everyone’s strengths and pair projects with individual skill sets.
Faith Perceptions